Apple week in review: iPods, iTunes, and software, oh my!

Thank goodness it's Friday! We would completely understand if you went on a self-imposed Apple news boycott this week, as there was a lot of hype over some otherwise fairly average product releases. Still, there were some pretty interesting tidbits popping up here and there, so in case you missed it, here are the top Apple news stories for the week: HangZhou Night Net

Nano-chromatic: photos of the new 4th-gen iPod nanos: Ars posted close-up, hands-on photos of the new fourth-gen iPod nanos after the event was over. See them in their nano-chromatic glory here.

"Funnest" iPod ever: photos of the new iPod touch: Ars also got some hands-on time with the new iPod touch, which is sleeker than the original. Check out the photos if you want to see the new hotness.

New iPods dissected, iPod touch 2G has Bluetooth. Sorta: iFixit has torn apart the new iPod touch and iPod nano before you could even get one, and there's interesting new goodies in both. Bluetooth iPod touch, anyone?

Apple event: A few extra details you didn't get: After the Apple Event introducing new iPod nanos and iPod touches, we got a few more details about some nano features that weren't announced, whether the new volume-adjusting headphones work with the iPhone, and new colors for the iPod shuffle.

Apple: "No Nike+iPhone for you!" If you secretly hoped that Apple might roll out Nike+iPod functionality in iPhones when the 2.1 firmware was released this Friday, you were wrong. The company has confirmed that it doesn't plan to bring Nike+ to the iPhone anytime soon; only new iPod touches.

iPod touch 2.1 firmware kind of available; throwing errors: iPod touch 2.1 started showing up early in the iTunes Store this week, while iPhone owners waited until the end of the week. However, users had some trouble installing the new software onto their touches, although it appears to be resolved now.

Steve Jobs interviewed on CNBC about iPhones, health: Jobs talked about music and Macs on the air in a very softball interview with CNBC, although he reiterated that his health is fine off camera.

Hands-on: iTunes 8 rethinks features and rocks new ones: We have spent some time with iTunes 8 and its many new features, so it's time to lay them out for you. It has been two years since iTunes 7 landed, and Apple has finally brought some new library management features, as well as some rethinking of old features, to the table.

Here are a few more interesting tidbits you may have missed from this week:

iTunes HDTV downloads include SD format for iPodsLatest rumor points to new MacBooks on October 14Macworld Expo 2009 registration now openNBC and Apple still bickering over iTunes pricing minutiaGreenpeace hails less toxic iPods, kicks gift horse

That's all for this week. We hope you have a great weekend trying to come down from that somewhat muted Apple event high.

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