Capcom confirms Street Fighter IV arcade sticks, by Mad Catz

When details about the console versions of Street Fighter IV first came to light, hardcore fighting fans immediately wondered which peripheral maker would step up to the plate to produce an arcade stick. Thankfully, Capcom was a step ahead of us all: the company has revealed that it has been working with MadCatz to produce some exclusive Street Fighter IV branded arcade sticks. HangZhou Night Net

Uncovered by a NeoGaf forum-goer at the GameStop managers show in Vegas and confirmed on Capcom's official Digital blog, the new sticks are still in development but were on display and usable at the show. Official details about the controllers have not yet been released, but Capcom's blogger made a choice remark. "For anyone that's ever been serious about their controllers, I think you're going to be very, very happy," the Capcom blogger wrote.

As has long been the case, the arcade stick is always the preferred way to play any real fighting game—and we'll take a working Mad Catz one, even if it's not a Hori. Ben and I were fortunate enough to have the chance to playtest Street Fighter IV on actual arcade cabinets, and there's no question that using the stick will be the way to go when the game launches. Hopefully Capcom puts together a bundle deal for those of us who simply must have the stick.

Ben's thoughts

I was poking around the Internet when I came upon Mad Catz absolutely promising to deliver quality products in the future… the idea being we should give them another chance. I'm speaking to a representative from the company about this very issue, so what would you like to ask Mad Catz, if you had the chance? I'll be sure to pass some of the questions along.

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