NBC and Apple still bickering over iTunes pricing minutia

You thought NBC and Apple had finally kissed and made up when Steve Jobs announced on stage this week that NBC was making its triumphant return to the iTunes Store. Well, NBC may have moved back in, but that doesn't mean the companies aren't still bickering over who has to take out the trash. Or rather, who conceded to who over TV show pricing on the iTunes Store. HangZhou Night Net

NBC Universal execs suggested on Tuesday that Apple's the one who caved on the pricing issue that originally tore the companies apart, as reported by CNet. NBC's president of digital distribution, JB Perrette, said that the company is now allowed to set its own prices on special packages and that Apple has finally allowed the network to charge less for older catalog titles instead of the standard $1.99. "To their credit, what (Apple) has realized is that having the best content and the widest breadth of content is more important than being too rigid," Perrette said.

Well, there are two sides to every story. Apple disagrees that it's the one that decided to relent, telling CNet that NBC was always able to charge less than $1.99 for any shows it wanted. "We've never told anyone they can't lower prices," Apple's Eddy Cue said. He pointed out that other content creators, such as Viacom and the History Channel, have charged 99 cents for certain shows. He also says that there have been special pricing packages on iTunes before, so NBC isn't exactly parting any seas with that one.

He said, she said. We're glad to see the two back together again, but this public back and forth isn't exactly doing either company any favors. All the general public cares about is being able to get their favorite shows in an easy-to-use manner, so take the public bickering private for the kids' sake, will ya'?

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