New iPods dissected, iPod touch 2G has Bluetooth. Sorta

Photo courtesy of iFixit

Those crazy kids at iFixit—the company that can't wait to tear new gadgets apart instead of, you know, actually using them—have dissected an iPod touch 2G and iPod nano 4G before you could even get your hands on one. The new nano's insides aren't wildly amazing, but the new iPod touch has some impressive and interesting tricks up its sleeve. HangZhou Night Net

Easily the most interesting thing about the "funnest iPod ever" is that iFixit found a Broadcom BCM4325 Bluetooth chip inside (translation: the iPod touch now has Bluetooth—kinda). If you followed our live coverage of Tuesday's announcement, watched the event via streaming QuickTime, or downloaded the podcast, you may have noticed that Jobs didn't say a word about this much-requested feature of the iPod touch. That's probably because, while the new iPod touch is packing Bluetooth, it is apparently locked down by Nike and Apple specifically to be used with the iPod touch's new built-in Nike Plus compatibility.

Turns out the Nike Plus gear uses the same 2.4 GHz frequency as Bluetooth, so the Broadcom chip was probably an obvious and cheap choice to stuff into the iPod touch. Locking the chip's functionality down and hiding its Bluetooth capabilities from the iPod touch's OS is most likely a move on Apple's part to maintain a distinct line of value between the iPod touch and iPhone. After all, Apple can't be cannibalizing AT&T's subscriptions, right?

The iPod nano 4G is a bit less interesting, but we don't want it to feel unloved so we'll give it a mention. While Jobs touted the iPod nano's return to its tall 1G and 2G design with a wide, vertical display, it's actually the same resolution and physical size as the "fat" iPod nano 3G. The curved glass covering the display is .7 mm thick on the edge, and 1.7 mm in the middle. Lastly, the nano now has a Samsung ARM processor that iFixit says should be capable of running the iTunes Store's new fleet of iPod games.

If you're planning on cracking open your own new iPod as soon as you get it home, iFixit has already published its guides for the iPod touch 2G and iPod nano 4G. As for the iPod touch's Bluetooth chip, we'll have to wait and see if the hacking community can make anything of it.

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