New Keynote features spotted during iPod event presentation

Image courtesy Les Posen

We've seen it on stage plenty of times in the past months, but we haven't heard much about Keynote since version 4 was released as part of iWork '08 last August. Come to think of it, this would be a good time of year for some non-maintenance updates to Apple's productivity application. Keynote aficionado Les Posen believes that the most recent Apple iPod event suggests that some type of exciting Keynote update is indeed coming soon. HangZhou Night Net

That's right—Keynote hints at iPod events. Although most people who watch the "Let's Rock" event will be paying attention to Steve Jobs and what he's introducing, Posen had his eye on what was happening on the screen. During the course of the presentation, he spotted a number of effects that aren't in the current version of Keynote and provided screenshots illustrating each one.

Steve kicks things off with a starburst animation that reveals text, and then shows off what appears to be a skewed image with a perfect reflection underneath, something that can't currently be done. A new text transition that keeps some letters in place is used, as is a "flip and hang" animation. Steve also users a new graph texture and a few more starbursts during his presentation.

Steve could be using some sort of custom Keynote version (he does run the company, after all), but an upcoming update seems quite plausible. Apple has been moving to include more Core Animation features in its products, and adding new special effects would potentially give the company a chance to do just that. Unfortunately, there's no starburst highlighting just when the new version might arrive, but we'll let you know if and when we hear anything.

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