News Desk week in review: world didn’t come to an end edition

While the biggest event of the week was Apple's "Let's Rock" event, which saw the introduction of updated iPods, it wasn't the only game in town when it came to technology news. HangZhou Night Net

Spore has been one of the most highly-anticipated games in recent memory, and now that it's here, gamers have a lot of feelings about the game, most of them negative. was bombarded with negative reviews of the game, harping on the buzzkill DRM. In fact, Amazon pulled the reviews down yesterday. Our verdict? It could have been much better.

The Large Hadron Collider came online this week, and we're still here to write about it. Wild rumors and fears that the world would be destroyed by the creation of a black hole under the Swiss countryside failed to come true. Instead, physicists are commencing the hunt for that elusive "god particle," the Higgs boson.

Satellite View in Google Maps may be a bit clearer after the successful launch of a satellite. The search giant's cofounders were present at lift-off, and the rocket carried a Google logo on the side. It's not at all clear what the imaging hardware's extra resolution gets Google, other than sharper pictures and the possibility of filling a few specialized, niche needs, but it sure sounds cool.

Google Chrome has been out for a week, and it's proving to be quite popular among our readers. Just two days after launch, over 14 percent of site visits were by users browsing with Chrome, and for the whole of September so far, its market share is hovering around 7 percent. Its popularity appears to be coming at the expense of both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but we suspect more than a few readers are visiting Ars with multiple browsers.

The Church of Scientology doesn't do too well with criticism. Over 4,000 videos on YouTube were taken down after the church issued DMCA takedown notices. One problem: few, if any, of the videos contained any copyright infringing material. Instead, it appears to have been an instance of misusing the DMCA to get content one doesn't like taken down in the fastest possible manner. Most of the videos were restored to YouTube after the posters filed DMCA counternotices.

Other news of note:

Ubuntu has moved to imaginary animals. Release 9.04 has been dubbed Jaunty Jackalope Three years too late? Real has released an MPAA-approved tool for ripping your DVDs to your PCThe solid-state drive arena has become more competitive with Intel's entry into the market. Hopefully, increased competition will lead to lower prices sooner rather than laterThe Harry Potter Lexicon has disappeared after a judge ruled that it infringed on J.K. Rowling's copyrights and wasn't sufficiently transformative to be considered fair useA Minnesota town that couldn't convince the local telecom to build a fiber network went ahead and started building one itself. The telecom sued to halt the build-out, telling Ars that it filed suit out of concern for the town's residents.

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