NVIDIA and Opera to jointly improve surfing on mobile phones and MIDs

It has only been a few months since NVIDIA announced both its Tegra ARM11-based media processors and its plan to be the Next Big Thing in both mobile phones and mobile internet devices (MIDs). Today NVIDIA announced that it and Opera were teaming up to bring a full desktop-like web browsing experience to the mobile phone and MID market. HangZhou Night Net

The two firms say that the full desktop browsing experience will include support for JavaScript, vector graphics, and video content. NVIDIA says that it will offer a fully optimized version of the Opera 9.5 browser in the suit of preintegrated applications that is included with its NVIDIA Tegra line of computer-on-chip Windows Mobile and Windows CE solutions.

The new Tegra feature will support full desktop web content with hardware acceleration of rich media, image and in-page video playback. GPU acceleration with Tegra will provide panning and zooming during browsing and significantly reduce battery consumption. NVIDIA also reports that hardware-accelerated 3D touch browsing with Opera integration into NVIDIA's OpenKODE composition framework using OpenGL ES 2.0.

Jon von Tetzchner CEO of Opera Software said in a statement, "Full Web browsing is a key feature for mobile phones and mobile Internet devices today. End users are demanding a mobile-browsing experience that mirrors that of their home and work computers. Opera 9.5 combined with NVIDIA Tegra will deliver a powerful and visual browsing experience for the next generation of smartphones and mobile Internet devices."

NVIDIA says that devices using the NVIDIA Tegra hardware and using the Opera browser are expected to ship in 2009.

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