Samsung set to launch its first netbook in October

With the economy around the world having seen better days, especially in America, it will come as no surprise than many computer manufacturers are looking to low-cost systems to keep profits up. In fact, IDC reported today that low-cost netbooks—like the Asus Eee—are helping the PC industry keep growing shipments despite the economy. HangZhou Night Net

With the popularity of the netbook, virtually every PC maker is getting in on the craze. Samsung is getting ready to launch its own netbook offering with a system that is yet to receive an official name. According to UK web site WhatLaptop, the Samsung netbook is due to be available at the end of October.

Samsung isn’t offering much in the way of specifications at this time, but we do know a bit about the system. The Samsung netbook will reportedly have a 10.2-inch screen and be offered in white, black, and blue colors.

Tiny keyboards are a big complaint when it comes to the typical netbook. To address that complaint Samsung has opted to do away with extraneous keys—like media control keys—to get the main keyboard as large as possible. Another common complaint is very small track pads—the Samsung unit also appears to have a nicely sized track pad and two nice mouse buttons.

Connectivity options on the machine include VGA-out, Ethernet, and three USB ports. When it comes to internal components, Samsung is mum. What Notebook rightly figures the machine will come with an Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM and either an 80GB or 120GB HDD. Considering how heavy into flash storage Samsung is, I wouldn't be surprised to see the netbook come with an SSD option as well.

The battery is reported to be a 6-cell unit good for five hours of use. Pricing has not been officially announced, but Samsung claims it will be in line with other offerings on the market. That would put the price of the machine somewhere in the $500 range most likely. Let's just hope Samsung's offering is better than the Sylvania G netbook.

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