Second opinion: forum-goer reviews the ION drums

Abulia loves the GESC, adores rhythm games, and hates any time I post a picture of myself around a plastic musical instrument. He's also written a very thorough review of the ION Drum Rocker for Rock Band 2, after his note about our official review: "For a $300 piece of equipment, 477 words seemed a bit anemic." HangZhou Night Net

This is neither Abulia, nor myself, playing the ION Drum Rockers

It's worth pulling in many opinions when trying to give people an idea of whether or not to spend so much on a piece of hardware, and while some of his opinions were slightly different from ours, the end result is the same: this is a great peripheral.

One you have everything mounted, you will then be tasked with
adjusting the kit to your liking. This is a great boon and pain. One of
the great features of the Drum Rocker is its ability to be totally
configurable. Don’t like the green pad so close in? Rotate the right
arm out. Blue pad too low? Adjust it higher. Hitting the side of the
yellow pad? Adjust its degree of tilt to your liking. Essentially you
have the ability to control all three axis of each input pad to your
liking (within reason). Each pad is 8" in size, slightly larger than
the stock Rock Band drum kit. Also, you can disassemble the pads and
remove the color rings should you ever desire to.

If you’re a
serious drummer—and presumably you are if you’re looking at the ION
kit—you’ll know that for the bass pedal you want your leg as close to
a 90-degree angle or higher. For this author (and his long legs) that
means setting the drum throne a bit high. Unfortunately, the Drum
Rocker itself isn’t that tall to begin with. Most users will likely
need to set the arms and crossbar at their highest setting. All of this
wouldn’t be an issue if the two legs of the Drum Rocker were another
4-6" longer. It isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is a little strange that
the kit sits so low.

"No, the Drum Rocker won't make you necessarily a better drummer, but it will make drumming easier and more enjoyable," he wrote. "Out of the box, unconfigured, I noted a dramatic increase in precision on my hits, in particular on the red (non-dominate) pad and the bass pedal."

I won't steal his thunder by reprinting the whole review, and you should definitely read it in the Rock Band 2 thread in our gaming forum, but it's good to see another person out there enjoying the premium drums so much. The thread is also a good place to read Arsians' opinions on the game if you're still trying to make a purchasing decision.

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