Sony unveils 35mm full-frame DSLR with 24.6-megapixels

Sony has announced its first full-frame alpha DSLR camera called the DSLR-A900. The camera offers the world's highest resolution (according to Sony) at 24.6 megapixels. That kind of resolution offers some interesting possibilities that Sony might consider when marketing its new baby—I'm personally a fan of "count the hairs on your mother's upper lip from 50 yards away," as a marketing slogan. The CMOS sensor used in the camera is 35mm full frame unit with new Sony dual BIONZ processing engines. HangZhou Night Net

The camera body also features body-integrated image stabilization. The optical viewfinder of the camera offers 100% field of view coverage and 0.74x magnification. The typical viewfinder found on cameras, like the new Nikon D90, only offers around 96% field of view coverage.

Sony's Phil Lubell, director of digital camera marketing, states "The (alpha) DSLR-A900 introduction solidifies Sony’s position as a leading camera manufacturer that can meet the demands of serious enthusiasts. It represents the best in sensor and image processing technologies and offers enhanced functions, performance and reliability so photographers can push their creativity to the limit."

The new 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor in the A900 is a Sony Exmor unit. The full-frame sensor with the high pixel count makes for images that offer enhanced detail and wider dynamic range according to Sony.

Image processing speed is boosted by the dual BIONZ image processing engines. The dual engine system also applies advanced noise reduction algorithms to improve details and image quality, especially at high ISO settings.

Sony's internal SteadyShot shake reduction system is the first made for a 35mm full-frame sensor. Sony says the shake reduction the system offers is equivalent to making shutter speeds quicker by 2.5 to 4 stops. The system can stabilize lenses from Sony, Minolta, and Konica-Minolta that are wide angle and have large apertures.

The camera is capable of shooting continuous bursts at five frames per second. The A900 has a depth of field preview button and when pressed it grabs a RAW preview image that is not saved to the camera's memory card. The RAW preview can be adjusted for white balance, dynamic range, and exposure.

The rear LCD of the camera is 3 inches, has 921K pixels, and is backlit. The Sony DSLR-A900 will be available in November for around $3000 for the body only. Pre-orders from Sony begin on September 10.

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