Strap your iPod nano to your handlebars with iBikeConsole

Running with an iPod isn't too difficult, since you'll usually have a hand free to switch songs or pump up the volume, but things get a bit more difficult when you're cycling. Sure, you'll be able to operate the device fine most of the time, but steering one-handed while going down a hill may not be the best of ideas. If you've just got to have tunes while you're riding, Macworld has pointed out a device called the iBikeConsole, which will let you mount an iPod on your bike, use your iPod as a cycling computer, and even control your iPod wirelessly while riding. 苏州美甲

According to the website, the system comes with a shock-absorbing mount for your iPod nano, although you don't exactly have to worry about the hard drive getting jostled around. All three generations of iPod nano are supported, and by the looks of the device the new iPod nanos should work as well. The mounting system requires no tools, and is also "weatherproof." The wireless remotes are probably the cooler part of the system, and allow cyclists to easily change songs and control the volume. Last but not least, the device lets your iPod double as a cycling computer, and can even store data after your ride is over.

As you might guess, a system like this probably isn't recommended for folks who ride their bikes in heavy traffic, since having your music thumping doesn't exactly make it easy to hear cars and other pain-inducing motorized contraptions that may be coming up behind you. In fact, several Macworld commenters point out that cycling with earplugs in both ears may be illegal in some states, so you might want to check out your local laws before you buy the iBikeConsole. If you're still sold on it, the system is currently retailing for $76, and you can just head on over to the site and pick one up.

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