T-Mobile rains on iPhone VoIP app’s parade in Germany

Since T-Mobile is distributing the iPhone in Germany, it's understandable that the carrier would want to defend its turf as much as possible. Unfortunately, T-Mobile seems to be a bit too enthusiastic about keeping competitors away, causing it to go after even software it doesn't like in court. TMCnet has a report on the trials and tribulations of a VoIP application called sipgate, which was recently banned in Germany due to advertising and jailbreaking concerns. HangZhou Night Net

The spat between sipgate and T-Mobile has been going on for a while now, with the two companies filing various complaints against each other. T-Mobile seems to have won the latest round, which was focused on the fact that the sipgate application encourages iPhone owners to jailbreak their devices, and thus breach their T-Mobile contracts. You see, even though sipgate doesn't affect T-Mobile's network (it provides VoIP over WiFi), the carrier doesn't want people modifying their iPhones willy-nilly, which the software will do for them. The carrier also opined that sipgate being advertised as a "beta" may confuse people who don't know that the term suggests bugs may be present.

sipgate only works on jailbroken older iPhones, so it seems that T-Mobile is going to a lot of trouble over a relatively small number of devices, but apparently the carrier really wants calls to be made on its network only. The whole issue is basically a dispute over advertising language, and sipgate has been busy getting T-Mobile's advertising into hot water as well. Still, sipgate's CEO has pointed out that the injunction was granted with sipgate never getting a chance to respond, so it's likely that the tiff between the two parties will continue in appeals court.

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