The week in Kit: Mice, battery life, cameras, and chips

Microsoft debuts BlueTrack mice: First came balls, then optics, then lasers—and now, we have blue lasers. If you've ever wanted to use a mouse on granite, this is the mouse for you. HangZhou Night Net

Sony unveils 24.6 MP, 35mm DSLR: For the shutterbug in your family that worships at the megapixel altar.

HP claims 24-hour EliteBook battery life: HP is claiming their new EliteBook is capable of delivering 24 hours of battery life in an "industry standard" benchmark. That claim contains some caveats, and we don't know what the benchmark is—take this one with equal doses of skepticism and optimism. (Skoptical? Skoptimism?)

Dell announces the Mini9: Yours is here, and it just got a lot smaller. Dell is now in the netbook arena, but can it keep up with the already-established players?

AMD launches new Black Edition X3 Toliman: Same Toliman, same 8750, but now with awesome unlocked multiplier action.

Intel announces new, halogen-free processors: Intel is launching new halogen-free Xeon processors in order to protect the environment. The company will replace the halogen with an experimental compound composed of puppies, kittens, and the shattered dreams of young children. Parent groups, PETA furious.

Sony demos prototype 400 disc Blu-ray changer: Prices on the unit aren't available, but the 200 disc changer is $2400, so you can see where things are going. Player? $4K. 400 Blu-ray movies at $25 each? $10K. The pleasure of watching really crappy movies in 1080p!?!? Priceless.

Phenom dual-core performance results: A few early numbers and some information on the upcoming dual-core Kuma (Phenom) part. Worth a look, if you like CPUs.

AMD launching new CPUs at end of 2008: AMD isn't done with 65nm technology quite yet; watch for a few new parts dropping as late as December.

SanDisk releases 32GB CF card: I still have the 32MB CF card I bought in 2001, and it still works perfectly. This one is bigger and newer. It probably glows, or something.

Quick Take: hands-on with the new Logitech Illuminated Keyboard: Sure, it's just a keyboard, but it's a good keyboard. And it glows. Sorry case-modding fans—glow is not available in green, brilliant purple, or blue.

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