Youth sway family tech purchases?even after they move out

It's no surprise that young people tend to adopt new technology into their lives more quickly than older generations, but those crazy kids tend to influence how older folks use technology, too. Many "Millennials," young people between the ages of 16 and 27, report that they actively influence their parents adoption of various technologies, Motorola found in a recent survey, even if they don't live at home. HangZhou Night Net

Motorola surveyed 1,200 Millennials from five countries in Europe and the Middle East in order to find out how young people adopt new technology and share content across devices. Many parts of the survey confirmed what we already knew: this group doesn't have much of an affinity for the traditional TV schedule and would like to simply watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

Two-thirds of the group said that they would like to be able to pause a TV program in one room and start it in another, and just under a third said that they would prefer watching shows on the PC instead of on a TV. Additionally, 81 percent of Millennials want to be able to move a TV show from the set-top box at home onto a mobile device like a laptop or iPod (we're not exactly sure what the remaining 19 percent is thinking!), and 75 percent would like to watch movies while traveling.

Naturally, most people tech-savvy enough to be time-shifting TV are probably trying to teach their parents the wonderful ways of the TiVo as well. In fact, 84 percent of those surveyed said that they influenced the "TV services" purchasing habits of their parents, with another 83 percent influencing their parents' broadband decisions. This is true even when they don't live at home, and Motorola says it's not too surprising, either. "Technology is the lifeblood of this generation. Millennials feel that their personal lifestyle would change dramatically without internet access," Motorola Home & Networks Mobility general manager Joe Cozzolino said in a statement. "It is not surprising therefore to see their influence on technology purchasing for the home."

In addition to Motorola's findings, market research firm MetaFacts also published a report this week stating that Apple is managing to grow its home market share by becoming the second or third PCs for many American households. The firm reported that Apple's popularity among younger and more highly-educated demographics have helped the company get its foot in the door among the general public. Perhaps it's those same Millennials who are influencing their families to get broadband and TV services that are also guiding them to buy Macs. If so, young people are not only helping—slowly but surely—to grow Apple's market share in the home, but an overall adoption of the latest and greatest technology.

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